Diwali Kids Activities – Rangoli Design

Diwali is JUST around the corner! My rule of thumb is 20 days after Navratri ends, it’s time for Diwali. But the festivities start a few days earlier, especially if you celebrate the 5 days of the festival. This also means Diwali preparations start way earlier. I am hoping to start our Diwali decorations the weekend before since Dhanteras is on October 17th. This is also assuming we have somewhat settled in with Baby #4 and I have some breathing time. I’m so glad Toddler S got a head start to making his Diwali Cards! If you haven’t done so already, have your kids make their very own Diwali Cards to pass out to their friends and family. If I was hosting our annual Diwali party this year, this would have been a great activity for the kids to enjoy while we enjoyed all the yummy food! Last year, we had the kids paint their very own Diyas. This activity would definitely be a lot less messy!  

One of the most popular decorations of Diwali (besides Diya’s) is Rangoli! Rangoli is generally done in the front/entrance of the home. It’s basically creating a large, life-size design or pattern and filling it in with natural materials. This sort of decor is done in homes all over India during Diwali. It is such a fun, creative experience, and there is no one way to do it. There are so many designs you can create and so many types of materials you can use such as flower petals, colored rice, colored flour, grains and of course non-natural dyed powder.   

We have enjoyed doing Rangoli almost every year for as long as I can remember. It has been so fun sharing this experience with Toddler S as well. Over the last few years, we have done many  Rangoli designs with Toddler S (below are some Diwali pictures from when he was 2 years old). For him, we started with doing an outlined design on a plate and slowly worked our way to our front porch last year.  This year, since I will be limited in how much time I would have, I thought it would be neat to create a kid-friendly Rangoli design. I decided to add a Montessori touch to the Rangoli design activity by creating a “control” sheet. This allows the child to self-correct and also self-approach an activity (or work as it’s called in Montessori). The design that I provide in my Diwali Rangoli printable will allow your child to attempt this activity on his/her own once you prepare & provide the necessary materials. And the materials we’ll be using for this design will be a variety of grains which serve as a great sensorial activity for the little brothers who are now toddlers. 

I can’t wait for you to try out this kid-friendly Rangoli design and bring a creative touch of Diwali into your homes! 

Diwali Kids Activities

Kids Diwali activity – Rangoli Design

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