Montessori Inspired India Independence Day Activity

India’s Independence Day is August 15th and on this day I love introducing various parts of our mother land to Toddler S through some fun Montessori inspired activities. The last few years we’ve done our annual making of the Indian flag with fun craft supplies that I had around the house. At age 2, I added a few more language elements which focused on India’s national facts like the national animal, sport, fruit etc. 

Here is a preview of some of our toddler-friendly activities to celebrate India’s Independence Day! 

Montessori Inspired India Independence Day activities for Toddlers


  • Make your own India Flag
  • Matching India’s national facts
  • India flag colored baby sound shaker

Make your own India Flag – 

Provide your child with a picture of the flag so he/she can try to assemble or paint it on their own using the reference

Make your own India flag using colored strips of paper or paint the colors onto white paper.

Adding Toddler S’s handprint to it has been a great memory for me to hold on to over the years. 


Montessori Inspired India Independence Day activities for Toddlers

Matching of India’s national facts –

This is a great activity for pre-readers. Print out some images and the associated text of the India’s national facts, here are some of the ones we used: Montessori Inspired India Independence Day activities for Toddlers

National Fruit: Mango

National Sport: Hockey

National Bird: Peacock

National Animal: Tiger

If your child is not reading yet, you can print two copies of the images and talk through what each one is and have them match each picture. 

**I found out recently, that India’s national sport is actually NOT hockey. There is no official sport!**

India Flag colored baby sound shaker –

This was a simple activity for Toddler S (aka big brother) to help with and his twin brothers were able to enjoy it. I had him explore our pantry containers to find grains or beans which matched the colors of the India Flag. If your pantry is not in your child’s reach you can also take out the containers and put them on the floor for them to look through. This is a great way to have them recollect what they learned in the prior activities and apply it. Toddler S loved referring back to his map as he looked through our pantry. He also was able to pour and transfer the grains into a little plastic spice bottle (a recycled McCormicks bottle). This ended up being a  fun sensorial activity for toddlers and babies! 

Stay tuned for what we do this year!!!! And leave us a comment below with your favorite activity to celebrate India’s Independence Day. 

Montessori Inspired India Independence Day activities for Toddlers


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