Be the Change, my sweet babies!

Last weekend we celebrated our toddler twins 2nd birthday. I think us moms put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make it a very special day when it comes to birthdays, I know I do! And that’s because birthdays are a BIG DEAL! It is the celebration of life! It is the celebration of Motherhood. It is the celebration of all that is and all that is to come. And so, yes it is big deal and I mean so in a very non-materialistic and memorable sort of way! 

What are things I can “gift” them year after year that will not break, that will not just be consumed or that will not be forgotten? In my eyes, making birthdays special means making them memorable for years to come. Hopefully, a lifetime.  

Gandhi DIY Canvas Art Kids Activity Twins Birthday

We have a tradition that every year we try to do a community service or act of kindness experience for each of the kids birthdays (that is a post for another time).  The last few years, we have been blessed to celebrate birthdays with friends.  So this year like last year, I opted out of a true goodie bag and focused on what we can DO that is fun and memorable (no pressure, right?).  For the twins birthdays (or as I still call them, the Babies) this year, we did a repeat of what we did last year for Big Brother’s birthday. I prepared a personalized, canvas art project with an inspirational quote for the kids to paint and take home. This is a fun activity that can be prepared ahead of time for a kids birthday party.  I especially love it because it’s not only a great activity to do at the party but it’s perfect for all the kids to take home as well! And to top it off, it really added to my wish of making it a special, meaningful and memorable “gift” that not only my kids will be able to keep but so will all our friends. 

As my little two-year-old twins personalities continue to blossom in their very own ways, I see them slowly looking at the world around them for inspiration, support, guidance, and structure. Since the day they were born we have provided them with visual exposure to role models that have influenced, shaped or that can bring positivity to our lives. At birth one of the pictures we had in their space was of baby Lord Krishna. Recently, (for my newest addition) I also made a high contrast, Montessori inspired Infant Mobile with our Hindu deities on them. Till this day we continue to sing spiritual songs (Bhajans), recite shlokas, read short stories about his life and talk about the amazing qualities of Lord Krishna. Another historical personality we have introduced them to is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, more popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi(ji).  I hope to continue and help broaden their knowledge of Indian history and Indian culture through the various kids activities we do.  But more importantly, it is exciting to introduce them to influential people and role models that have (and still do) impact my own life. It was only appropriate for me to pick of one of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi for our DIY canvas art project. This is also a great activity to do with kids in celebration of India’s Republic Day which just passed, India’s Independence Day or even Gandhi Jayanti (Gandhi’s Birthday). 

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Gandhi DIY Canvas Art Kids Activity Twins Birthday

This is a quote I keep in my heart and whisper to myself often. I hope that seeing and hearing these words will leave an imprint in my kid’s minds and hearts too, as well as for all the other kids who took these home. I figure if out of sight, out of mind is a true statement, then the opposite must be true too! We have this beautiful art project hanging in our children’s learning area as a reminder of not only their birthday celebrations but it also serves as a constant reminder of history, the lessons learned and the characteristics we want to imbibe in ourselves and in our kids as they celebrate another year trip around the sun.

Be the Change DIY Kids Canvas Art Project

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet Babies, may you both be the change you wish to see in this beautiful world! 

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World Kids Activity for twins birthday

DIY Kids Canvas Art Project - Be the Change

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