Montessori Inspired India’s Independence Day 3-part cards

Today marks the 70th year of India’s Independence! Every year on this day I can’t help but play A.R. Rehman’s Maa Tujhe Salaam at least once (if not on repeat). If those words alone don’t give you goosebumps please watch the video, it’s beautiful. Our land, our people, our culture, our history the beauty of our country so artistically portrayed. I try to put myself back in the shoes of all those freedom fighters who fought tirelessly, some for their entire lives and some for their short, but heroic lives. I also think a lot about what life must have been like living in India those 100 some years under the British rule. We recently watched Indian Summers on Amazon Prime and the show did an amazing job depicting what India looked like under the British rule. But it also made me feel like such a foreigner in a country which is supposed to be my own. Sadly, in current times, that sentiment of being a foreigner seems so pertinent in present day, especially when we see the latest events on the news as well. I am thankful for the many forefathers and freedom fighters who fought for our country, who fought for our freedom, the freedom of our very own grandparents. It’s closer to home than we think. Rabindranath Tagore quote

This year for India’s Independence Day I expanded on the activity I did with Toddler S last year where we learned a few national facts about India. Now, at age 3 he is grasping more information now and expanding his understanding of the larger picture so I decided to add more of India’s national facts in these Gujarati & Hindi Montessori Inspired 3-part cards for India’s Independence Day.  It will be fun talking to him about the significance and qualities of each fact such as the Lotus being our national flower but also such an auspicious flower in our culture and its presence in many images and murtis (idols) of our Gods and Goddesses. 

He has also been singing parts of our National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana all morning and stopping me at every word that he does not recognize and asking me what it means (giving me a lot of my own homework to do!). I also over heard him telling his Dad (in Gujarati) that Yamuna and Ganga were rivers in India along with Godavari and Saraswati (in case his Dad wasn’t aware of that) when he got to, “Vindhya, Himaachal, Yamuna, Ganga…” I also explained to him that there were other places mentioned like Punjab and Gujarat (we are fans of Bhangra and Raas/Garba) which were states in India and now he wants to visit all the states in India, “…like we did when we drove through California, Arizona and New Mexico….” Who knew something as simple as reciting or singing India’s National anthem would lead to a world of discoveries and learnings. 

My adrenaline continues to run high today (and my sleep VERY low) as I share my 2nd set of FREE Montessori Inspired 3-part cards for India’s Independence day! In case, you missed my post from earlier this morning, I share my very first printable, Janmashtami 3-part cards!  I’m sure as you share these 3-part cards with your kids it will bring about some great conversations! Please share what kind of discussions and questions are being sparked, would love to hear! 

India Independence Day 3-part cards in Gujarati India Independence Day 3-part cards in Hindi





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