Wiggly wiggly baby

Baby is continuing to move around in my belly. It’s such an awesome feeling. Today Baby was moving on two sides of my belly. I’m guessing it was moving it’s feet and it’s arms at the same time. It was such a heart warming feeling.

This week will be 22 weeks!

We have lots to do still in preparation for Baby but we seem to be taking our sweet time with it. I mean we do have a long ways to go still. It just seems like every weekend is busy with some social event. All of June is packed as is most of August. That leaves us with a few weekends in July (as of now) and September.  Before we know it our little one will be here!

Here are some of the main things we’re looking to invest in ahead of time:
– Car seat
– Stroller
– Some newborn clothes (incase everything we are gifted is bigger)
– Diapers & wipes (initial stash)
– Alternative to a crib (haven’t figured this out just yet)

We’re hoping to be minimalistic. I really don’t want to collect a whole bunch of clutter which we hardly use.

I’ve also been researching Montessori type nursery setup. I stumbled upon this as I was researching whether or not it’s okay for Baby to sleep on the floor.

Here are a few of the first articles I came across when I was researching..it’s an interesting read…


How to Prepare a Montessori Baby Room

We’ll see where the research takes me. For now I’m very much leaning towards a few months of co-sleeping (ideally in an attached basinett) and then moving Baby to a cradle or the floor as this is how we grew up too (Indian style sleeping).

Ahh…so much to do! For now, I’m going to go take care of my throbbing feet.

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