Wedding & family…no baby

Today we attended my cousins pre-wedding festivities.

It was so exciting to see all my cousins and relatives. I didn’t think I’d get to see them since Baby was suppose to be here already but I guess Baby had something else planned. Let’s see if hanging out with my crazy family gets Baby JJ out!

On a side note…our doctors office called and wants us to come in tomorrow morning for a NST (Fetal Non-Stress Test). This is usually done when you go past your due date to monitor (for about 20 minutes) the Baby’s heart rate against Mom’s contractions and make sure the Baby is doing okay. So we’ll probably go in for that earlier in the morning and try to make it to the tail-end of the wedding. If not, the post wedding lunch!


Earlier that day at 8 days past due
Earlier that day at 8 days past due

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