Still waiting…

Wow…what a LONG few weeks it’s been!

My due date came and went and we are still anxiously waiting for any signs to welcome Baby! I’m officially 4 days past my due date.

Last Thursday was our big day and we were both very excited that whole week and especially that day but unfortunately, Baby was not ready to make his/her appearance just yet. The next day, Friday I had my 40 week (+1 day) appointment and unfortunately progress was slow. I was barely 1 centimeter dilated. Doc did a membrane sweep (more on this in another entry) to help move things along. Since then I’ve had more cramping and what feel like BH type contractions. But nothing consistent. Friday I was really restless and blah only because I’m just so anxious to meet Baby now. The wait seems so long but I know it will be well worth it. We’ve been bombarded with calls, texts, messages since middle of last week for any/all updates, it’s been sweet to hear from all of our family & friends. I think almost every day I get about 5-6 friends/family checking in.

Since our Friday appointment, I’ve been walking around our neighborhood practically every single day about 4-5 rounds. I busted out in a handful of dance numbers in hopes to stir things up. Made some spicy lasagna yesterday. But still waiting…

I have to remind myself that Baby is on it’s own schedule and will allow us to welcome him/her into this world when he/she is ready. Until then…I should be squeezing in all the R&R I can!

We go back Friday for a follow up if Baby is still not here…stay tuned!

Eating spicy lasagna to induce labor!
Baking while I wait for baby’s arrival


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