Quick Tip to buy what you need

How many times have you walked into the grocery store to pick up a quick one or two items and walked out with about a cart full of groceries? Half of these items usually perish and end up in the trashcan because when you it was bought it was your stomach thinking not your lazy self.Clearly, I’m experienced and guilty in this department however I’ve gotten way better at saying no to my stomach when we’re at the grocery store.

A few years ago, I started with visualizing right there and then what exactly I would make with each item I picked up that was not on my original grocery list. This way I generally ran out of days in the week or realizing how many more things and how much more time I would need to make this item and back it went on the shelf.

Last week, I walked in to the grocery remembering to bring my reduce, reuse, recyclable bag. As many of you know, in many cities now grocery bags are no longer provided for free. They are finally encouraging (aka forcing) people to bring reusable bags. (I can’t believe it’s been a year since this has been implemented for our city yet I still forget my bags in the car most of the time).

Anyhow, here’s my latest tip to make sure you only buy what you need. Walk in with just one small bag. Get the things you need on your grocery list first. And if you feel like you need to cave a little to pick up a few more items…well you only get what fits in the bag (plus the technique above of visualizing what/when you plan to make).

Happy shopping!

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