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Many of you have been asking about what I have been up to with Toddler S (+ the twins) and it has taken me quite awhile to put this post together (for obvious reasons). Between our day to day routine, lack of sleep, social engagements, I have also been busy trying to find , organize & put together activities for Toddler S. At the least, please take a moment to stop and leave your comments, share your ideas or leave some words of encouragement to keep me going!
Toddlers are very demanding but so much fun if they are given the right environment to keep themselves (and us) entertained. Toddler S is at a very fun age. He loves to do all sorts of things but every week he looks forward to meeting with his Play & Learn friends. I have been spending a lot of time each week crafting out fun activities that toddlers would not only enjoy doing but can also learn from.  
There are a lot of ideas online for toddler activities for all kinds of topics. I took some inspiration from these ideas and added in my own creativity to put together somewhat of a culturally themed “curriculum”. This not only allows them to be hands-on in age appropriate activities but they are learning some great concepts that directly tie into the Hindu religion and/or Indian culture. 
Cultural immersion is an area that is really important to me not only in the way “we Montessori” at home but also the reason I was inspired to form the Play & Learn group. It allows the kids an environment where they can learn more about their culture & religion in a group setting. Here the kids have a place where they can speak their mother tongue (Gujarati) and also learn the alphabet, new vocabulary and continue learning prayers, songs and stories based on their roots, in our case India. The topics that we covered in the last few months have allowed us to explore various Indian holidays/festivals, incorporate some of the basic concepts of the Hindu religion about nature and our relationship with everything and everyone around us. The best part I think is that any multi-lingual family can incorporate these very common & relatable themes into their toddlers activities using their own language with or without the religious aspects of it. 
I’m hoping this is a good starting point for those of you who are also trying to find Indian themed activities for your kids. 
– Detailed post for each theme!
– I have some fun worksheets that I also put together to go with each topic – I will add those soon!
Month Theme Topics Concepts Activities
June Nature • Suraj Dada (Sun)
•Paani (Water)
• Vruksh, Jaad, Chod (Plants)
- There is God in everything
- Learning & growing with nature
• Ask open ended questions leading to sun (what do we need when it's cold, why does it get dark, what do plants need to grow)
• Qualities of Sun
See more...
July Relationships • Guru
• Friendship (Krishna & Sudama)
• Games
August Festivals • India (Independence Day)
• Raksha Bandhan
• Janmashtami
Celebrating Special Days COMING SOON

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