One toddler, one wedding and my second pregnancy!

Was he praying for a sibling all along?

At the end of May we got the very exciting + sign when I took a home pregnancy test but we didn’t have much time to dwell on this since we were in the midst of planning my brothers big, fat, Indian wedding! Plus, I had to wait until June for my first ultrasound but due to wedding travel I had to post-pone the appointment to the end of June. It felt like the LONGEST wait ever and unlike, my first pregnancy, this time around I was feeling the pregnancy very early on. And just like last time, my body wasted no time and went straight to work, my face and every other unflattering body part swelled up, I looked like a balloon on steroids. There were no doubts in the coming weeks I would be getting the typical, suspicious, “auntie” grins implying that I may have “some good news.” 

“Saturday, saturday…”

In between wedding planning, a very active 1.5 year old toddler and being in the 1st trimester I had no energy left at the end of the day but I kept going. The day was spent doing an activity or going out with Toddler S, the afternoons when he was napping I was working on wedding spreadsheets, emails and logistics planning while putting a meal on the table for dinner. The evenings were also chop, chop. After Toddler S woke up from his nap, we had a short amount of time to play, then it was time for dinner, more cleaning up and another song and dance number to get Toddler S to bed. My night job consisted of choreographing the dance for my brothers wedding reception, mixing music, coordinating dance logistics with our cousins, putting together an emcee’ing script to entertain a banquet hall of people and also coordinating with the brides brother through conference calls.

The dance practices were the hardest. I vividly remember how nauseous and dizzy I was feeling with every single movement. I tried to keep myself together and be my usual self but I could barely keep myself upright. Fortunately, Toddler S served as the perfect excuse to how tired I was feeling from keeping up with him, along with my “strained back” preventing me from doing the routine over and over again. 

Hiding those rosy cheeks behind THE tie

After one of our dance practices with the cousins, we ended up going to the mall to shop for make up (see Roshan’s cheeks below) and a few other things we needed for the wedding. What a HORRIBLE idea. I could barely keep my eyes open, I dragged myself from the parking lot to half way across the mall. When we finally got to the food court, I collapsed. My mom asked why I looked so flush and tired. I blamed it on Toddler S keeping me up at night (he’d been sleeping through the night since 7 months, so not sure how they bought that but it worked).  

What a whirlwind those few weeks were! I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the madness of the wedding weekend, along with managing Toddler S’s schedule and all the other logistics while feeling the nausea. I never felt this awful in the whole of my last pregnancy. The only thing I thought was, hmm, since this is so different from the last pregnancy, I wonder if the difference means it’s a different gender? In any case, I needed to put my game face on to keep things on the down low for a couple more months!  

There was NO time to breath and think about the fact that I had another life growing inside of me (again), except for the continuous fatigue and nausea! A reminder, that WE WERE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY, Toddler S was going to have a SIBLING!!! It was such an exciting time and my internal clock was just trying to focus on what was ahead of me and get through the next few weeks. I was so eager to get that first glimpse of our new little baby and counting down to our first ultrasound appointment which was set for June 30th, two days after we got back from the wedding! Until then it was more wedding planning, and more of feeling miserable, it clearly hadn’t hit us yet!




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