“Just the Two of Us”…

This entry is dedicated to me and hubby.
As it gets closer and closer to our big day I’m realizing these are our last days as “just the two of us”. I mean even this far along in the pregnancy life has already some what changed but this is just so minor compared to what is to come. We are both super super excited and anxious now to welcome our little one into this world and into our family. But at the same time I want to take a moment to reflect on the past 6 years of our marriage and what makes us ‘us’…and the foundation that this wonderful new Baby is going to be joining…

I wrote a version of this about a year ago…it will be nice to compare the two entries now that it’s all becoming a reality.

Cuddles & Hugs
After our long work days, I look forward to a big hug from hubby and enjoying those few moments of letting everything else just be. We also spend time talking about our day and catching up. One some nights (when work is not a priority) after we’re done with dinner we just cuddle up on the sofa and watch tv or sometimes even a movie. It’s the perfect end to a hustle bustle type of day.

Saturday Mornings
I know sleeping (in) is going to be a thing of the past. And I’m ready for that. But there is nothing more relaxing than laying in bed on a Saturday morning and not having to rush out of bed. I think it’s the one time in the week we spend quality time together with no other distractions…no phone, no tv, no other gizmo’s or gadgets. It’s also the only day we enjoy a perfect Saturday morning breakfast along with our Indian shows before our jam packed social events for the weekend begin.

Just Sitting
You know those lazy days where you don’t do anything and you waste time on the computer or playing games on your phone. We used to play Fruit Ninja together and more recently it’s been Candy Crush. There are other days where we just sit around contemplating what we should do…haha. Sometimes we all need those!

Planning & Spontaneity 
Hopefully, we are able to still “plan” things but I know things will not always go according to plans and we’ll have to be a lot more flexible. And on the other hand, we are pretty spontaneous on some weekends. We like going shopping, being outdoors, staying up late watching movies, visiting local friends or just going out for dessert randomly and that will definitely be harder to do once Baby is here. Not so much because of Baby but because I’m sure it will be draining for us too. Pulling all nighters and also waking up to Baby will be hard to do…so it will be more so for our own sanity that we will need to find that balance.

Slowing Down
This kind of ties into some of the other ones but currently we have so much going on…all the time which we enjoy every now and then but it’s VERY draining even now. So I guess what I’m saying is I’m looking forward to things slowing down so we can be in the moment and enjoy time with our little one.

I know there are many more things…but I know a lot of these are the foundation of us. And I’m hoping Baby is going to join us on some of the fun. I’m looking forward to going from Just the two of us…to Just the three of us…and starting new routines together.


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