Interview with…Smiling Smita aka Mummie

Where to start?Well first off her name is Smita, it means smiling which very much defines her. Anyone that knows her knows she’s always smiling!Moms in general have a persona that you just can’t describe. They love to give and they give with love. But it’s rare to find a mom who does it all so unconditionally with truly no expectations. It’s quite magical. I’m lucky to have this rare mom whom I call Mummie.

Since it’s her birthday today – I thought I would dedicate this entry to her (even though she may not read it).

Even after knowing her my whole life, there is so much I still don’t know about her.

This was my way of capturing some fun facts about my madre. What better day to reflect on life than on a birthday. Do you know all these things about your mom?

Smiling Smita ūüôā

Interview with Mummie:

1. If you can meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Any rushi’s (priests/sages) from the past because if they were alive I can talk about how their life was in the past and whether they really saw (witnessed the presence of) God and how did he/she (God) look. And also ask them what they felt when they saw God?

2. Why did your parents name you Smita?
I don’t know who named me. Maybe my Foi (father’s sister). Back then it was traditional for the Foi to name their neice/nephew.¬†
Do you like your name? Yes! I love my name!

3. What is your earliest childhood memory?
I remember playing hide and seek out side (thappo, kukka, cards) with the neices/nephews & cousins in the summer time.  All the neighbhors also had their cousins and family visiting during the sumer and they would also come out to play. We would go from porch to porch playing all together. 

4. What did you like to play as a kid?
Gilli Danda, Kodi, Thappo (Hide & Seek), Kukka (Indian version of Jacks)

5. What was your family chores? What did you like? What did you not like?
I had to do everything…sweep, cook, laundry, mop…everything.
I didn’t like doing any of it…but I didnt have a choice.¬†
I didn’t like doing the dishes the most.
Even with 10 siblings you had to do it all? All of my older siblings were married or they knew I would do it. And my younger sister…was the younger sister. She didn’t have to do it.
(we’ll have to check with all the siblings on this one :))

6. Do you remember any popular fashions/styles when you were younger?
In my childhood it was wearing really gher vaara skirts and eyelet blouses.
In college bell bottoms were really popular to wear

7. What’s your favorite memory with your parents?
I mostly remember when we used to go to my Mama’s (Maternal uncles) house in India and spent a lot of time together. We would just play.¬†

8. How is the world different today from what it was like when you were a child?
Now the warm feelings you have for others (the bhaav) is not there.
For example: back then when a daughter comes home from her in-laws there is so much excitement and preparation to have her home again. Or when my older sisters were married and they came home to visit from their in-laws we used to be so excited. We would wait by the window and run to the door as soon as they pulled up outside. We would be so excited to play with our neices and nephews. It was these warm feelings of love. You don’t see that anymore.

9. When and how did you meet your spouse?
We met 2 months before our wedding. We met in April. We were “referred” to each other by my brother in-law (sister’s husband) and my spouses eldest cousin brother (they were friends in Baroda).
Where was the first time you met? In Anand. I was nervous and it was my first time going and in those days we never really talked to a guy before. Our times things were so strict. His whole family was there, mainly the immediate brothers. But I remember being nervous.

10. What is key to a successful marriage?
No arguing and do not compare yourselves with anyone or any other couple. Just don’t compare anything. What ever you have be happy with it.

11. How did you find out you were going to be parents for the first time?
I threw up and I felt morning sickness. We went to get it checked and that’s all, we knew.

12. How did you chose your childrens names?
Daddie chose Roshan’s because he really liked it.
And in my old neighborhood (Gheekata) there was a girl named Beejal and I liked her name but I wanted to change it slightly because I liked the sound of Sejal more.

13. Of all things you learned from your parents, what was the most valuable?
Respect your elder, don’t give them a mouth-full back (seek revenge or argue). If something happens¬†accidentally¬†(ie: glass breaks) ask the person how they are doing first before worrying about your damaged glass. My mom used to always say (in Gujarati), “if something breaks, don’t get upset or don’t ask why/how it broke. First you ask the person, did you get hurt?”

14. What is one thing you want people to remember about you?
If you don’t like something don’t say anything but don’t use bad words/language. I want people to remember that I tried not to say bad things and use bad language.¬†

15. How do you imagine life in 10 years?
I don’t think my memory is going to stay good for even another five years. (chuckling because she didn’t think she’d remember what she said 10 years from now) But…I feel like there will be so many problems. I already feel my eyes and teeth aching. And generally speaking, the world (srushti)..what is going to happen to it. There is so much new technology. I mean just look at technology. I think about how life was without all this technology and now with¬†technology¬†see how the world is. How will it be in another 10 years. How will peoples minds be? …I just don’t know (shudders and sighs).

16. If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you move?
Go to India for a couple months every few years. 

17. If you could go back to a time period in life…where?
My childhood because I have no clue about my childhood. I can’t remember it all. I want to go back so ¬†I can remember those memories again.

18.¬†What did you want to be when you “grew up”?
When I was a little girl I had a dream that I would be a good house wife. And I would decorate my house really nice and keep it clean. I never thought I would be working & running business(es).

Random Facts: 
Place of Birth: Baroda
Favorite color: Black
Favorite subject in school: Math
In her spare time she likes to:sit on the swing at home, playing games on the phone, reading, or watching religious videos
Favorite food: Chaa (tea) and sev mumra (snacks), or Daal Baath Shaak Rotli

Now (2013):

Gas: $3.49
Milk: about $5.29 (2 pack)

Then (1984):

Milk: $0.99 cent/gallon
Gas: $0.59-$0.69 cents 

What next…?
I want to be happy in my life and I want to do something that in my life that I haven’t done in the past. Like…reading all the books especially the Gita.


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