Happy 2 months Babies :)

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since the babies arrived. I can still vividly remember that last afternoon and the events leading up to their warm welcome into our arms. 
Our twin schedule at 2 months looks something like this: 
Lights out/Last feeding around 8:30PM to 9PM
Feedings every 3 hours throughout the night and about 2.5 to 3 hours during the day. 
Hubby usually wakes up for those, since I’m waking up to pump around the same time. 
Midnight is generally the next feeding. And they’ll most often do a 4 hour stretch to about 4AM. 
Then they’re up again by about 7AM and everyones day begins once more. 
I do their early morning feedings, while hubby get’s himself ready and then get’s breakfast started and gets Toddler S ready. It takes me a good hour or so to finish their feedings, burp, change, calm any/all crying. 
We try to have breakfast together at around 9AM. This is often 5 minutes of actually being at the table together and then taking shifts to calm or console one of the babies because Toddler S needs company while he’s eating too. Dinner is most always in shifts. The 5PM to about 9PM is a very hands on time slot. Both babies are generally awake and need something, so one of us is always with them if not both. Hubby tries to come home from work at around 5:30 and we sometimes will get 5 minutes to catchup before it’s time for Toddler S to come out of his room post nap. On a good day, Toddler S and hubby will go for a grocery run or around the neighborhood to get some energy exerted. There after it’s time for dinner and bedtime. 
The babies are growing and growing! They both have almost doubled their birth weight which has been a huge milestone after all the effort we have put into feeding and milk supply. We are still working on their latching and are slowly making progress. Feeding two babies has got it’s challenges but it is so rewarding. I have spent the last two months focusing on eating well (read: oatmeal, fenegreek, greens, dill water) and keeping up a milk supply for two! It is no joke and requires a very conscious effort. If I don’t sleep my supply tanks, if I don’t eat well my supply tanks, if I’m not rested, stressed or in a bad mood my supply tanks. There has been a very, obvious and direct correlation. 
A little about both of the babies – 
Twin A – 
He is mostly calm and collected. Cries when he is hungry and needs a diaper change. He smiles and looks around when you’re in the room. 
Twin B –
He likes to be held and loves feeling your presence in the room. He looks very similar to his eldest brother. 
Both of them are super cuddly and have started smiling a lot in response to your facial expressions. It’s so fun to capture these pictures. Since we are still in sutak they spend all of their time upstairs but I’m looking forward to having them downstairs and part of our day to day activities, even though it will only become more chaotic. 


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