Flashback at 1 year postpartum (part 1)

One year ago today…at around this time I remember feeling a very dull pain.

We had just come home from my cousins Mehndi/Sangeet night. What a fun night it was. Saw a lot of my cousins after a very long time. Some of them saw me preggo for the very first time (and very last!). It was such a memorable night!
 Indian Wedding Festivities - Mehndi
I remember just barely starting to get comfortable in bed, as comfortable as you can possibly be as a 9 month preggo who was already 9 days past due!
I called the L&D department to let them know of the pain I was feeling. I had ditched going in for an induction earlier today so the doctors office had requested I come in for monitoring on Saturday morning. So when I called L&D close to midnight or 1AM, they said it was okay for me to come in the morning rather than right now.
So I tried sleeping through the pain. WheN I woke up in the morning it wasn’t so bad, tolerable. We packed the car with everything we needed. We’d been doing this every time we’d go out, just incase.
It was a good thing we did. But this time we also packed clothes to go to my cousins wedding after the monitoring appointment which was scheduled for about 9 or 10AM. We thought it wIMG_0046ould be a quick 20 minute thing. So we thought we’d head over to the wedding right afterwards. Of course, that never happened since my monitoring ended up lasting till about 11 or 12. By which time I was already 3-4 cm dilated. They were ready to get me registered and admitted.
I asked whether I cuold attend the wedding and come back. They thought I was joking.
Then I requested if I could at least join for my cousins post-wedding lunch and come back. And they said, I wasn’t going anywhere because baby was on it’s way.
And here it began….the labor & delivery experience.
I can’t believe it was all a year ago. The memories of walking intothe L&D department still feels so vivid. It all felt so surreal after the 9+ months of waiting, anticipating, and just counting down.


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