Dear Baby… Love, Mummie…

Dearest Baby…

We are so so excited to meet you! We wanted to take some time to share how we feel today and what we are looking forward to in the days to come.

The last 38 weeks have been beyond amazing. Even with you inside of me I have looked forward to all the milestones thus far and celebrated each one. I can’t even imagine how much more special it’s going to be when you are here. I know I’m going to want to capture every single moment with you. And I’ll have to remind myself to just capture each moment in my heart and live in the moment so I can truly enjoy your presence before you are all grown up. I know it’s all going to go by in the blink of an eye.

I’m looking forward to seeing you for the first time as you come into this world. Staring at you and wondering who you look like…who you will be like. I’m sure as soon as I see you I will re-imagine what you must have been like when you were in my tummy. Because even now, when you move around and kick me I wonder if it’s your tiny little feet or your bottom wiggling around.

I think about how you will make me a mother. Such a strong word with so much meaning. And your arrival will not only give me this special new title but it will give me a new role, a new responsibility, a new outlook towards life. You will give me the ability to love more…to go above and beyond my natural capabilities…you will be my motivation and strength to do anything.

I think about what I will be able to give you besides my love. Will I be able to guide you in the right direction? Give you everything I want to give you as a parent? Always be able to make you smile… Protect you from this crazy world…remind you how special you are…lift you when you’re feeling down…?

I think about how I will make you feel better on those nights you’re not feeling well. You’ll be so small and delicate and I’ll feel so helpless. I think about that first day where we’ll have to be separated and how much harder it will probably be on me than on you. I think about things I won’t be able to give to you and it already makes me sad…something like my time when life gets really busy.

I think about you meeting your Daddie.  He’ll be the first one to see you. He is amazing. He’s got a big heart. He’s going to love you so much. He takes such good care of me especially right now with you being in my tummy, so I just know he’s going to do that and more for you when you’re here. *tears* He can’t wait to play with you. All he talks about is all the sports he’s going to play with you…it won’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl…you will definitely be playing sports (at least for fun) with your Pops. He is looking forward to watching the first football & baseball game with you. And taking you to the park to teach you how to throw that first ball. It’s going to be so much fun.

I think about all our firsts together and how amazing they will be as a family of three. I think about what you will call us…Mom, Mommy, Mummie, Dad, Pops, Daddie…?

God has already blessed us with an amazing new relationship. I feel so close to you already. And I’m going to miss you being THIS close to me. But I’m so so so excited to bring you into this world safely and showering you with love and creating new memories. You are going to be so loved. Your Daddie and I have been waiting patiently for you for a long time and we can’t wait to have you join us our journey in life.

I know you are warm and snuggly in your current home and we hope to keep you just as comfortable when you arrive here really soon!

Love you so much already…JSK

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