38 weeks

2 more weeks to go till our due date!

On most days, I can’t wait for Baby to be here! But today I’m a bit sad because I will miss having this precious one so close to me and being able to feel it’s every move. The past few days I’ve seen my stomach take on some very very distorted shapes due to the crazy dances this little one is doing inside. Fortunately, I’ve been able to capture some great video clips.

Here are some of the things I’ll miss…

– Being able to feel Baby’s every move
– My stomach twitching when Baby has hiccups
– Squealing or jumping out of my seat when Baby pushes one of my organs
– Grabbing Hubby’s hands to have him feel Baby move
– Waking up in the middle of the night to Baby’s kicking
– That rolling sensation when Baby makes a huge move across my belly
– Staring at my tummy waiting for movement
– Grabbing the camera to try to capture each move

I’ve spent a lot of time napping the past few days. Mostly because I don’t get enough sleep through the night and then I end up waking up at 6AM along with hubby. Oh this is just the beginning…and soon enough these wonderful naps will be a thing of the past.

Yesterday I got our car seat inspected by the CHP. I’m glad I went because the officer gave me some good safety tips and it was a peace of mind knowing it was double checked. On my way back, I went by the grocery store and what a trip that was. Baby was putting so much pressure on my bladder that I could hardly walk. Every little step I took, I was so sure my water was going to break right there. Of course it didn’t. I quickly got out of there and eventually made it home (not without being stuck in traffic of course). I think Baby was just in an awkward position because soon after I got home I felt back to normal. But it was a good little scare and will ensure I don’t go to far by myself.


Little projects I’ve been keeping myself busy with while I’m on maternity leave:

DIY Baby Clothes Organizers and labels Made using Cricut Expression
DIY Baby Clothes Organizers and labels Baskets from Container Store

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