Week 18 – Hawaii bound

We leave for Maui in just a few days! And it still hasn’t hit me especially since we haven’t packed a single thing yet! I have spent a few lunch hours going from store to store trying to find summer clothes to replace the clothes that don’t fit me anymore. Shopping for a swim suit has been SO hard! But I have a few options now to choose from and worst case maybe I’ll get something from Hawaii as they usually have more options.

I’m getting more and more nervous about the flight. But everyone and Dr. Google says it should be fine. I also asked the doctor at my last check up just to be sure. And even she said…to have fun and even go snorkeling.

As of right now, that is the plan. Have fun…relax and get in some good water time!

This trip is so different from the last time we went to Maui (three years ago). At that time, we had done so much research and planning out our activities from day to day. But this time we are literally planning to go with the flow. We’re going with another couple and are super excited to experience it with our close friends.

Baby is doing well so far. (at least i think). It’s kind of nerve wrecking at times because I don’t really feel any distinct movement. I do feel little tiny flutters every now and then but even that…I’m not always sure. My legs have been killing me though. Every night hubby has to press them for me and I also have to elevate them when I go to bed. I’ve got a stack of 3 pillows to elevate my legs, one pillow for my back support, and one pillow in the front for my tummy and between my legs. Half our bed is a fort of pillows! Tummy is getting bigger but my weight seems to be around the same. Not much fluctuation. I’m at about 109 to 110 now.

Can’t wait to provide all the updates from our trip once we’re back!…Till then Aloha friends!


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