Week 17 – Mother’s Day

This past weekend was Mother’s Day weekend! Technically, my very first one!

It was exciting to get text messages and calls from my close family and friends wishing me a happy mother’s day. And most special was that hubby had planned out Mother’s day for me, my mom and my mil. He had it all under control and it was the sweetest thing ever that he put the thought into it.

Although, I wasn’t able to get the full body massage (he had originally planned mani/pedi’s but the place was too far to fit in a day), I did get to enjoy a nice day out. We had falafel’s for lunch, froyo afterwards and the massages in between. All in all it was a good day.

Wishing all my virtual friends a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’m so excited to share this day with all of you and am very much looking forward to celebrating next year with my little bundle of joy! And as one of my friends said…enjoy this last Mother’s day where you get to sleep in ;)!


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