Week 15 – a big apple

Thursday marked the 15 week mark of baby. Baby is now the size of an apple!

We had a doctors appointment last week but we only got to hear the heartbeat or as one of my bff’s says, the sound of horses running. Heart beat sounded great at 156 bpm. I have to wait till mid May to see Baby again.

The past few weeks have been great. It’s been fun talking about the pregnancy with various friends. It’s funny and very weird how it becomes the topic of many conversations even though it’s not me that brings it up. But I can see how that can be because whenever I find out someone is expecting, I always have so many questions for them. So it’s only natural that people would have questions for me too.

Here are some things I’ve been going through lately…and possibly some tips for my readers on what to expect around this time of the pregnancy.

Baby stats for week 15:
Baby is the size of a: Apple
Length: 4 inches
Weight: 2.5 ozDevelopments: Baby can now sense light even though the eyes are fused closed. I think I feel movement but it’s really hard to tell still since it’s not so distinct yet.

Mommy stats:
– Still get tired very quickly at the end of the day, sleeping early helps
– Still hungry every few hours, I snack on strawberries, bananas and almonds in between meals to avoid hunger pangs
– Clothes are getting harder and harder to fit into, did some shopping last weekend
– There is definitely a bump, it’s little but there, I try to wear baggy clothes but they aren’t so baggy anymore
– My skin has been super super itchy…I guess it’s stretching. I got some Body Oil to better moisturize.
– Legs throb so much at night that poor hubby has to press them for me very often
– Sleeping on your side is really hard, I started sleeping with pillows for back support
– Peeing almost every hour
– Constantly thirsty
– A lot of vivid dreams although I’ve always had very detailed dreams
– Weight went from 105 lbs to 107.2 pounds since my 11 week and 15 week appointment.

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