To be or not to be Organic

The question of our generation is whether to go the Organic route or to stick to what we’ve grown up with, non-organic.

If you ask the older generation they say, “we all turned out fine”.

But did we? I mean especially in the USA I hear about a new cancer way too often and heart problems are becoming as popular as the faces on E!.

I understand there may not be enough research on how effective Organic “anything” may be, but we definitely aren’t doing something right. Genetically grown this, growth hormones for that and add some sugar to everything. This is our generation.

Our parents were fortunate enough to grow up with the real stuff. I mean real stuff. Milk fresh from a cow. Fruits & vegetables from trees that have been there for generations.

But not us. We’d be lucky if we could plant our own garden with non-GMO seeds.

So what about the next generation? Our children.

For now, based on some of the research out there we’ve decided to go the organic route for milk especially. I understand there is not nearly enough research out there just yet to prove one way or another but this was the right decision for our family. This is the closest it will get to what our parents had aka the real stuff. I learned a lot about the milk that we have been drinking for all these years that “does a body good” and learned how processed it is and what horrible conditions the animal are put through. Not to say I will not drink that milk anymore. But despite all these conditions this milk really may not do a body good. I also learned that even with organic milk there are so many varieties and degrees of organic. I recommend doing your research and understanding how organic you’re looking to go. It all comes down to how the livestock is treated to produce the end product. Many companies slap on the “Organic” label on just about anything but still feed the animals foods that are not meant for them resulting in poor environments.  I referred to this website when choosing the brand of organic milk for our family. It has a great list of all the brands out there along with a rating based on a set criteria.

As for fruits and veggies, we try to pick organic especially for fruits and veggies that don’t have a peel, but shopping & cooking separately with organics is a bit of a challenge unless we go all in.

This is the time to be healthy, eat healthy and feel healthy!


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