The preggo waddle

So…I always wondered why pregnant women waddled. Tummies out…feet wide…back arched back…waddle waddle waddle!

I mean…it’s not like your stomach is in between your legs. IE: when you play those picnic games with the ball or balloon between your legs…that makes you waddle! In this case the big ballon is in your stomach…so why the waddle?

Even a few weeks ago when we were walking around our neighborhood, I told hubby…”see, I don’t have the preggo waddle.” And he said…”it’s because you’re not big yet.”

My conclusion is…the preggo waddle is not only because you’re “big”.

I caught myself doing the waddle the other day. It comes and goes and I determined the reason I developed the waddle was because I was trying to alleviate the pressure that was being put on my aching back, feet and frontal area. Waddling for some reason helped. I guess as I get bigger and there is more pressure the waddle will become a bit more permenant. So there is some truth and correlation to the waddle and being big(ger).


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