The Journalist in me…

It’s been a long time since I have sat down and wrote my thoughts out on paper, okay, I lie. I guess Facebook should count as some sort of diary entry given we write everything that is going on in our lives in our status posts. But seriously, lately I only write in my diary a few times in a year where as I used to write in my dairy every night before going to sleep. Probably because life as a teenager is just more stressful and everything in life makes you mad so you have to get the anger out somewhere, right? Lucky for me I now have a husband who is a wonderful target, I don’t even have to filter what I’m going to say and worry about it getting into the wrong hands :).
I also miss writing for newspapers. Epitaph (Homestead HS’s school newspaper) was a fun place for me to explore my journalism skills as a student. I even went on to writing articles and entries for India Post for a few years and somewhere along the way I stopped. Hoping that blogging allows me to get back into my interest in writing and putting together a collection of thoughts.
As for the title…I’ll save that for another time.

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