The cat is officially out of the bag…

I can’t even describe what an exciting weekend it was. We were showered with reactions, emotions and tons of love from all of our friends and family as we shared our big news.

Hubby and I had brain stormed a handful of ideas of how we wanted to announce the news of our pregnancy and then it finally came to us. So I spent, Saturday night crafting it. I was up till 3AM and finally got the email and video sent out close to 4AM.

The email we sent to our friends and family was pretty cryptic. Basically, everyone that we were launching our own “venture” because of the way we worded it. Then when they opened the video…it had a mastercard “priceless” touch to it. In the video we showed the cost of having a “launch party”…leading to our parents reaction of the news…(we had secretly video taped them a few weeks before when we actually announced it to them). “The reaction you’re about to see…PRICELESS”. And we summed it up with.. “for everthing else…diaper changes, spit up, babysitters etc…you have cousins, aunts, uncles and friends!”

Everyone loved it!

Sunday morning our inbox box was filled with some heart warming emails in response to our big news. And the phone rang off the hook! Here is a glimpse of some of our favorite reactions, I really wish we were able to capture these live but I want to remember them forever so I’ve captured them here:

Hubby’s cousin and his wife: 
We Facetime with him and his wife often and decided to check-in since he just had a birthday too. We hadn’t really discussed how we were going to tell them but we went with the flow. After all the catching up we got to talking about their new home and they did a quick video tour for us. Then they wanted to see our house. The idea came to me as we did the walk through with them. We took the ipad from room to room showing them the different parts of the house. When we got to the empty room which hubby and I often refer to as the kids room, as we showed them that room, I casually said, “and this is soon to be baby’s room…”. Oh the reaction…! Since his face was on the screen, I saw his reaction first…he literally paused and did somewhat of a double take. Like..oh…wait WHAT?! And he had to clarify once more to see if he and his wife heard right! They were so excited for us and we can’t wait till they come visit us and baby!

My niece:
We arrived to the Falafal Stop for lunch when I picked up my nieces call. She was literally screeching, squealing and screaming in excitement. I think that was one of the few times I heard her talk without taking a second to breath! She started with a bunch of omg, omg, omg…I can’t believe you’re pregggggnantttttt. There’s going to be a little baby. A little baby. And then she goes on (again, without a breath)…how she thought the email was in regards to the launch of our new company, something we would totally do, so she didn’t really pay attention to it. And then she got a text from my brother asking if she watched the video. And she said, no. And he told her she should really watch it. She she starts watching the video and thinks…is this a commercial for their product? Why in the world would we have our parents in it? That’s rather amateur for starting a company. Then when she reads the “for everything else…diaper changes, spit up etc…” she thinks…are they starting a babysitting type company? Why would they do that? Then she finally get’s to the last snapshot of the video (which has a picture of us and the ultrasound with a “coming soon”) she realizes what it’s all really about. And she said…she literally screamed when she saw it! And she continued to do so on the phone as well :). So sweet…so real.

My college friend & his wife:
Half way through lunch my friends wife calls! She talks to hubby first and he then hands me the phone saying, that they’re really excited! As I excitingly say hello I hear a loud omg omg omg congratulations!!!! And she jumps right into the story of when they saw our email this morning. She is still squealing! She told me she woke up around 7’ish and was checking her email. She also thought it was some sort of company we were starting and when she realized we were expecting she just started screaming my name out loud ” omg , omg , omg “. This is when her husband wakes up and says WHAT HAPPENED, what about her?! And she tells him that I’m pregnant! When I talk to her husband (my college friend), he tells me his side of the story. He was sleeping and he thought he was dreaming when he heard a song playing (the song we used in our video) which reminded him of me because I loved that song when we were in college. So he was like…I thought I was dreaming when I started hearing that song but right then my wife starts shouting your name and he realizes that it’s not a dream. Low and behold the song he heard was still in association with me! They were both super excited. And I was so excited that they were so excited! It was heart warming. I can’t wait to see them in a few weeks when they visit us in Nor Cal!

So…all these reactions in my mind were the top ranking reactions! My BFF’s reaction ranked #1. Hubby and I were waiting for our NT scan before we made the big announcement, this was on Thursday. I had been calling her, texting her and facetiming her non-stop since Thursday evening since I wanted her to be one of the first to know. Of course, the one time I needed to get a hold of her our schedules just majorly conflicted (we’re in different timezones). And since I wanted to see her reaction, it had to be timed such that she was at home and I had wi-fi connectivity too. Long story short, I finally got a hold of her Sunday afternoon while we were at a friends house. The funny thing was that she was on her way out to a gala event. So she is in her bathroom getting ready, I’m Facetiming her from a friends house which in itself was weird since I don’t normally do that. But she went with it. So as she’s brushing her hair, and putting on her make up she’s also whizzing through what she’s been up to the last few days since we played phone tag. She’s also yapping away about her day and upcoming formal event she’s going to. The whole time…I’m trying to be casual and a good listener even though I was anxious and dying to spill the beans! I finally had to interupt her because it was almost time for her to leave. I asked her if she finalized her plans to come to NorCal (for a conference) in September. She’s like kind of but not really and asked what my deal was. So again very casually and quickly, I said, “ya keep me posted on what you’re thinking and when you’re coming” And she goes on saying well I’m thinking these dates but I’m not sure and blah blah blah. I go on to say, “ok but can you figure it out because people are trying to plan my babyshower and I need to know”. This all came out very casually and by the way’ishly. She looks at me…blinks a few times…and says WHAT…and then goes silent for about 2 minutes!!!! Puts down her straightner or makeup (forgot exactly what was in her hands at that moment) and takes like 2 steps back with her jaw dropped, her eyes looked like they were tearing up (but I’m not sure), and she is fanning herself with her hands in complete surprise. She was what we call…speechless! When she finally got a word in…it was an OMGGGGGGG which eventually turned into squealing, jumping up and down and saying over and over again…”you’re going to be a mommmmyyyyyyyyyy”! It was so special to finally share the big news with her and have yet another reaction which was priceless!

All in all…it was a very very special day for us. As the day progressed we received an endless amount of calls, emails and text messages. It all felt sooo surreal. But the cat was finally out of the bag and it felt great. Announcing the pregnancy was a big moment for both of us because it reaffirmed that our family was growing and we were going to be welcoming a new life to this world very soon. We are thankful for all the wonderful blessings and warm wishes from the people we love! We can’t wait to share this exciting journey with all of them.

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