Friday’s are amazing. They’re a gift to the working folk. (I know some of you can’t relate but get a M-F/9-5 and you’ll learn to appreciate them and not take them for granted).

If Friday was a person I would show my appreciation to Fridays by:
  • Inviting it over for lunch. It’s the little I can to reciprocate just how much it does for me
  • As soon as Sunday rolls around the pressure is on…I would give Friday a break, you know cover for it. Poor Friday has a lot of weight on it because so many people are just sitting and waiting for it ALL week but I don’t think people realize how stressful it must be for it to insure it provides a ‘TGIF’ feeling week over week. 
  • Let it switch shifts and be a Tuesday or Wednesday, it may take off a bit of the pressure. But then again who wants to be known as “Hump”day? Tuesday it is. Can you imagine saying…TGIT? Or…I can’t wait till its Tuesday!!!
  • Give it some ME time…I mean we all get tired of having to plan around others. Friday is always is working around everyones dinner plans, celebrations, movie nights, date nights, do absolutely nothing nights. No one ever asks what Friday wants to do???
  • Give it a special day to recognize it…maybe a birthday? We always take advantage of it by making it into a three day weekend but we never honor it and just say…hey thanks for being you! 
Anyways…as always dear Friday…I’m very thankful for your presence and I’m glad I have you to look forward to for the rest of my life :). You’ve always been there and I know you ain’t going no where!

What would you do for Friday??? Leave me a message 🙂

TGIT…ergh..TGIF 🙂
PS…there is Good Fridays…but I don’t get those off :)!

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