Stop feeding my child

To random lady who I don’t know,

Stop feeding my child!

I put a lot of effort in making food at home, avoiding preservatives & processed foods, doing the dishes, skipping my meals, looking up healthy options for our family and what do you do? You forget you have three children of your own to experiment with and you decide to aim straight for my child’s mouth to stick a glob of frosting that has probably been sitting around for days, is full of colors/dyes, has tons of chemicals and is full of sugar(s)!!!

What is it about the temptation to feed someone else’s child?

I make a VERY conscious effort in always asking any child’s parent before offering them any foods or drinks. I don’t know what that kid had or didn’t have for breakfast. I don’t know if the parent is struggling to get a bite in and thus avoiding snacks. I don’t know if the child has any allergies. I don’t know what’s for dinner. But I do know that every parent puts a great effort in planning meals, deciding what’s healthy for them and most importantly making sure they eat! I am not going to be the one coming in the way of that.

So lady, stop feeding my child  because you don’t know that I prefer not to give my kid all the yummies out there just yet because then he really does not enjoy the mug (lentils) bhaath(rice) I have waiting for him at home! Oh, and it’s NOT GOOD FOR HIM!!!! Aren’t you a doctor?


The mom that knows best.

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