Prenatal Classes

Hubby and I have been lucky enough to take classes at Kaiser as part of our prenatal care. The following are the classes we have taken so far:

  • Vegetarian Nutrition – This class is for vegetarians and focused on what kind of foods to eat throughout pregnancy to have a balanced diet as a vegetarian.
  • Pregnancy Orientation – Once we found out we were expecting, this class gave us an overview of what to expect in the 9 months to come and the upcoming tests we would need to schedule
  • Mid-pregnancy – Taken in the 2nd trimester, this class focused on what to expect in the second trimester in terms of changes to our body, growth of baby and ways to stay comfortable as we continue to grow
  • Late- pregnancy – this class was similar to the mid-pregnancy class but obviously focused on the things to look forward to in the final stretch of the pregnancy including preparation for labor and delivery
  • Newborn/Infant Care – this was a fun class which focused on how to care for your new baby from the moment they are born to when you are home with Baby. The instructor covered details around your hospital stay and what to expect. We also went over techniques for bathing baby, how much and how often baby eats, diaper changing, sleeping patterns, swaddling and any other things you need to know those first few weeks with a new baby in your life
  • Breastfeeding – this was such a great class for building confidence and preparing for breastfeeding. I knew I wanted to breastfeed but I had my questions an concerns (mostly around what if my body or baby doesn’t allow me to) about it too. Kaiser definitely encourages new moms to breastfeed and this class provided the various techniques to begin nursing right in the hospital to what you need to know once you go home. In addition, we covered some of the challenges/obstacles new moms face with breastfeeding and how to potentially overcome those. It was very motivating and gave me the boost of confidence and reassurance I needed!
Last class we have left is the Labor and Childbirth class. This is the only paid class for us at Kaiser, $80 per couple. We plan to take this class at or after about 34 weeks.

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