Montessori Setup for Newborn/Infant (Phase – 1)

Baby S has been co-sleeping with us since he was born but we were ready to move him over to his very own room (until he has to share it).

We never invested in a crib or any furniture for his room, especially since we were planning to do a floor bed for him. When I was pregnant I had looked into floor beds and any safety precautions I needed to know about. This is when I stumbled upon the idea of a Montessori setup and I really loved the philosophy.

So as we get ready to move Baby S into his room, I just wanted to share what his room currently consists of.

Floor Bed: We got a twin size mattress type pad from Costco. It’s not as thick as a normal mattress, maybe about half the height. This is perfect since we are concerned about Baby S rolling off of it.

Small Shelf/Table: We are reusing a low TV stand as a table like surface in his room. This is where we will put his books and the few things he plays with (mostly soft balls). For now, we will put some of his essentials that we need during diaper changes in a small container on the table too.

Changing Pad: We’ve got his changing pad on the floor. Simple, easy to access, no worries about him falling.

Alphabet: During our baby shower we had all of our friends and family paint and decorate some wooden alphabets. We thought this would be a great addition to Baby’s room.

Baby Krishna: This sketched picture of Baby Krishna (Kanaiyo) has been a part of Baby S since he first came home from the hospital. We kept it in our room when we co-slept and will be moving it to his room once he starts sleeping there. Hubby drew it for me when I was in college and I was in search for the perfect baby Krishna picture for my apartment at the time. I’m so happy to be sharing this with Baby S now.

I’m looking forward to making changes to his room as he grows and develops an interest for new things!


Before we got a proper floor bed set up, we used this for naps.
Gated room allowed for safe play area

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