Montessori Setup for 1 year old (Phase – 2)

When Baby S turned 1, it was time to make some updates to his room. He was so much more active now, very mobile (but not walking), and loved interacting with many different types of toys so we wanted to make sure his room allowed for that.

Here are some of the changes:

1. Play Shelve/Wall – We were inspired by this montessori setup for an older baby. We added a single shelf along the wall where we would setup various toys or activities for Baby S to explore. The goal was to change out the toys/activities each week or as we see him progress past a specific item.

2. Reading Nook – We’ve always had a dedicated spot for his books in is room. However, we’re still debating whether we want to put up some shelves so that the books can be on display versus stacked in his current book shelf.

3. Laundry Basket – Showing him where his dirty clothes go is just one of the first steps of getting him familiar with every day tasks.

4. Display Wall – For now, we plan to display & rotate the Gujarati alphabet along with words that go with each letter. Since we try to speak to him in Gujarati, it will be fun to introduce him to the associated alphabet sounds.

There are a few other things we are looking to add such as a dress up area, possibly a small trash bin (he currently uses one right outside his room) and once he starts walking some hooks at his level so he can hang up his towel and sleep sac on his own.

Pictures to come!


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