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Khichdi referred to in so many ways, but the picture you see is what it is.  It’s often referred to as sick man’s food. It’s a simple meal made from rice and lentils (dal). Light and easy on any tummy. It’s also comfort food for many. On cold nights khichdi with kadhi and spicy pickle can definitely hit the spot. 

So why is it considered to be “bad” to have khichdi on an auspicious day?After all it comforts the sick and the cold…that’s me majority of the time. I should be thankful to have such a meal by my side any time I need it. Two key ingredients, one pot and voila! (Additional  items are extra toppings and very much optional).
The term Khichdi is also used as a “mix”. For example, it’s a kichdi of people coming tonight aka a whole bunch of random people coming tonight. That’s the beauty of khichdi, you can really make it however you want. Add ingredients as you please, remove ingredients as you please.  It’s a mix of whatever (whoever) you want it to be. 

Our life can also be considered a khichdi sometimes because everything is all mixed up (not in a good way). People often confuse whether  khichdi is comfort food or if it is a poor mans diet because of how simple it is. It’s all confusing and it varies depending on who you ask. Just like life, it can feel like khichdi sometimes…are we living a simple life because we want to and it’s better this way? Or are we making the best of what we have (the rice and lentils)? 

If you ask me, khichdi is what you want it to be. On a good day it can be your confort food on a bad day…at least you can make yourself some khichdi right? That’s more than what a lot of people will ever have.

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