Happy half birthday twinsies!

It is so hard to believe 6 months ago today –

I  became a mommy to two more lives

I brought into this world two, healthy baby boys

God allowed me to hold both of them in my hands, after holding them in my ity, bity (didn’t feel so) belly for 37 weeks

I cried because I was so happy and thankful to be theirs

My baby boy became the big, big brother 

Our lives changed, once twice again. 

Twin A & Twin S are half a year old today and we are so excited to celebrate our amazing journey thus far. Two 6 month old babies, you would think put together  it’s like having one 1 year old baby. Eh – not really because with one you only need one lap, half the sanity, half the patience and definitely one less adult around to manage the madness. We are so, so, so outnumbered. It really is an amazing adventure, and so different than having a 2:1 ratio (aka our former parenting life), when we were both hands-on with Toddler S. Now it’s usually some sort of crazy tag teaming. And when I’m home alone (M thru F, all day), don’t even ask how I do it. I’ve tried capturing some video clips to share the chaos but I just don’t have enough hands to hold two babies, guard them from a toddler and try to balance a camera (which by the way needs to capture “facebook” appropriate angled pictures/videos, if you know what I mean). 

All in all, it’s been such a demanding but rewarding journey. But today, I can’t help but think HOW IN THE WORLD DID I SURVIVE the last 6 months?! Almost all mom of twins I spoke to while I was pregnant told me they didn’t get out of the house by themselves until about a year. Most twin moms whom I have recently met have some sort of help most days. A smaller majority have a toddler (or third child) in the mix. 

But since we are celebrating the twinsies today, I’m also celebrating my survival, efforts and milestones over the last 6 months! I have been gung-ho about a few things and I’m so thankful that my time, effort and energy has been fruitful for all of us. It goes without saying that I’m so thankful to my hubby, my little rockstar toddler S, my family and my amazing friends for being such a great support system in any way that they can! 

  • Twinsies have successfully been on momma’s milk since day 1! (We had about 3-5 days where we needed to top off with formula due to their blood sugar levels and we are happy we had this option). 
  • After almost a two+ months of syringe/finger feeds, practicing, pain, pain, pain and ultra zombie mode, we were able to finally ditch the pump & bottles during the day (with the exception for one night feed). 
  • I fit into pre-pregnancy clothes very early (almost at 2 weeks post-partum)! 
  • 3 babies later, I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been in almost 6 years, it feels good to look like my old self (my normal)
  • Monday to Friday, I’ve been gifted special powers to survive a day with the trio and most days we are all happy and having fun, (mommy does crash early as a result and has zero energy to waste)
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule…we have a predictable routine! <insert mommy’s sanity dance>
  • Still no screen-time for Toddler S, times have been at our roughest but we have managed with healthy alternatives
  • Home cooked meals has been a priority for the kid, I’m thankful to find the energy to keep this up and more so that he eats it! 
  • Me and the trio have been getting out of the house once a week, regularly for the last 5 weeks for some social adventures
  • Somewhat keeping up with Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, text messages, blogging (yes, this has been happening in the midst of LIFE) and some times getting back to phone calls…
  • You are reading my BLOG! It is finally launched – this has gone through a journey of it’s own and I’m so happy to finally share it with everyone, Happy Birth Day blog! 🙂

I’m excited (and now feel very conscious) that I will be sharing our adventures with all of you, I’m looking forward to the Trio having this to read, reminisce on and treasure when they’re all grown up and most importantly, I know I’m going to love looking back at these precious days of our lives (I already go back and read my old entries very often). 














Welcome to our adventures & don’t forget to stop and wish the boys a happy half birthday in the comments section :). 

Now, time to go enjoy that piece of cake! 



Throwback to Big Brother S’s half birthday, we love celebrations!

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