Happy 1 month twin’sies

Happy 1 month birthday Baby A & Baby B (just kidding ), S.

It’s hard to believe just one month ago they you guys were just a couple hours “old”. You entered this world with really strong vocals and these last few days we have been hearing a lot of them.

I remember those first few hours everything felt so surreal including the fact that their were two of you. I remember that vivid image of you coming out of my belly. And that blueish tint you had all over your bodies. I remember seeing and thinking, oh ya they are definitely boys the second you were pulled out and faced towards me. Oh what a magical and miraculous few moments those were. We went from a family of 3 to a grand family of 5!

Those first few hours were about getting acquainted and adjusted to the new world. You both unfortunately got picked and poked a lot because you were so tiny and they had to check your blood glucose levels often. You also needed to be kept uber warm because your body was just not used to regulating it’s own temperature. We did a lot of skin to skin and double swaddled you both.

This first month has been a whirlwind. From hand expressing colostrum, to supplementing formula, to pumping nonstop to build my milk supply for two, syringe feeding and also trying to teach you both how to nurse,  it’s really been non-stop in the food department. And I must say it has been exhausting.

My greatest milestone was being able to pump enough to wean us off formula at week 1. That was such a huge accomplishment and huge relief for me. I felt like I was able to provide for you even though formula was doing just the same. It just meant a lot to me and I was thankful to be given the supply.

We have gone from pumping 1 to 3 ML per pump session in that first week to now pumping almost 4 oz (120ml). That’s huge but I’m guessing soon it won’t be enough because youre already starting to increase your appetite once again.


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