Going out with a Newborn, first trip to the mall

First trip to the mall…

A part of me was so excited to take Baby S into the real world. The world that we experience every day. And another part of me was a nervous wreck taking him outside of his confined secure bubble.
His first trip (after the temple & Ba/Dada’s house) was to Oakridge Mall. Macy’s was the first store he strolled through although he was asleep the majority of the time we were there.
Walking from the car to the store required following a path that was safe of blind spots and raging post xmas shoppers looking for parking. It also took longer than pre-baby because now we had to load/unload stroller, make sure baby was strapped and warm, take the stroller friendly path…wider slots between cars, ramps to push stroller up, etc.
As we entered the first store, Macy’s…my senses seemed like they were on steroids. Everything seemed amplified. It felt like I could hear every single conversation occurring in the store and did everyone really need to be shouting? The music playing over the loud speakers should be turned off or switched to some bhajans (hymns). And the perfume/cologne department needed to be aired out. My nose was tickling and I had the urge to sneeze but it just wouldn’t happen. I could hear every cough and sneeze. And practically see the germs flying towards my baby boy. (ok ok..his stroller/carseat canopy was covered but still).
Escalators don’t work with strollers. We had to locate the elevators which were located in the dingy part of the store near the bathrooms. Clearly, it wasn’t the primary way to get to the second floor.
As we navigated to the mall, I eased up a little since it wasn’t as crowded as the department store. But I still irked when the music got to loud, or if people got to close.
We ate at the food court. Baby S was sleeping the whole time.
Eventually, I had to feed the kiddo. Fortunately, I had remembered the option to use a fitting room as the pitstop. So to Target we went. They have large family sized fitting rooms. We took a quick break to feed him and then we were back to our shopping. He did great. That was the first times we took him out of the stroller so he was a bit confused as to where he was. But was quickly preoccupied once it was time for him to eat.
All in all, it was a great first trip. Overwhelming for Mommy. But a great family experience and I’m looking forward to many more outings as a family of three!
Here are some key take aways for taking baby out for the first time:
1. Use Fittings room at stores as your pitstop for feeding. Maybe even changing diapers since there is more space.
2. Carry antibacterial. Everything will feel so dirty and icky you will want to use it before you touch baby and comes in handy after diaper changes especially if you’re not in a bathroom 🙂
3. Be prepared to maneuver in tight spaces with a stroller
4. Have a plan on how you will stash your shopping (especially if it’s grocery) along with a stroller. There aren’t enough hands if you’re solo.
5. Best time to go out is during baby’s nap time. Feed & change diaper before you leave and you should be set
6. Carry an extra change of clothes for baby

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