Glad you came…

Spontaneous visits from family always leaves my heart feeling very happy.

Reminiscing on old times, catching up on current events and of course how can we not talk about our siblings and hubbies.

Our busy lives keep us on the go with very little time to connect with the many people in our lives. work. family. spouses. friends. self. everything else.

Email, text messages and Facebook has definitely become my primary mode of communication vs phone or meeting in person. It’s easier and more importantly, if it wasn’t for those modes of communication I would probably lose touch. (Probably common when technology was limited back in the day). So…I’m thankful that with technology we have many ways to keep in touch even though it may not be the most ideal case. It’s those little messages here and there that keep you connected.

But in any case…it doesn’t matter the time or day…reconnecting face-to-face just has it’s own charm.

I’m glad you came :)…!

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