First Steps

The moments leading up to a baby’s first steps are precious. They get up, they try, they fall. They forget. They try again.

Baby S had taken a couple steps back in December. We were so stoked when he took these steps that we screamed in excitement unfortunately, I think we scared him because he wouldn’t do it again for us. He continued to try and take a couple steps here and there but nothing more than that.

It was amazing to watch none the less. He would pull him self up to a standing position and crack up as he balanced himself.

Then on January 8th, he woke up with a mastered skill and decided today was the day he would roam the earth with his tiny little steps. It was as if he had been secretly practicing and was waiting for the perfect time to show us.

Every step was full of giggles. He couldn’t keep a straight face because he was so excited about this new found ability. I was beyond words when he decided to venture around the library all by himself.

I can only pray and provide him whatever I can so that every step he takes in life is in the right direction. Each such milestone is so special yet so bittersweet as it marks my little baby becoming an independent individual, one who will make his own decisions and determining his direction in life without always needing momma.


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