Daal, Bhaat, Shaak, PERFECT!

As many of you know, I’m a fob…in every aspect. But this post is focused on my need for my fobby Indian food (very often – at least 2-3 times a week!). I can eat pasta and burrito’s for only so long before I need my desi grub.

Luckily, I can cook whatever I usually crave.
There is however one thing that I’m just absolutely lazy about making and that is the dough for my rotli, bhakri and of course mitha murcha vaari puri (masala/tikhi puri). I just hate going through the trouble of making the dough and then accounting for the clean up time (getting it off of your fingers and cleaning it out from under your nails – yuck)…thennnnn you still have to roll and cook them! It’s just time consuming and feels like to much effort so I only make them once in awhile even though I wish to make it more often.
But…for the holidays we got the Cuisinart Prep Plus Food ProcessorΒ from my parents. At first, I was like hmm…what am I going to do with this huge thing. I already have the Cuisinart Hand Blender/ChopperΒ which I use a lot and it’s perfect for cooking for two. What in the world will I use an 11 cup Food Processor for?
Well I think it’s the answer to my laziness! You can use it to make dough! Yes sir, I used it for making the most perfect bhakri no lot (dough). Of course, you need to have the right portions of ingredients. But wow was it a piece of cake! All I did was put in all the dry ingredients, pulse it. Then I slowly added water through the little shoot as I continued to mix it. And in a total of about 2 minutes, my dough was ready for rolling! (I wish I took a picture of the perfectly kneaded dough, but I’ll do that tomorrow when I make my second batch of bhakri’s in a week!)
So yes, if you’re a fellow Indian food junkie and need your dar, bhaat, shaak, rotli fix…I think getting a dough mixer (my mom has one of these kindsΒ which work perfectly too) or food processor is the answer! Time is money (if you’re working) and who has time to sit there and knead dough by hand? In that much time you can make a few extra bhakri’s to eat for breakfast the next morning – with your chaa of course!
Spinach shaak, Carrot cachumbar, Bhakri, Daal

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