Childbirth Preparation Class @ Kaiser

Today Hubby and I attended a full day Labor & Childbirth Preparation class at Kaiser. What an informative day it was! Our instructor was amazing and the class overall kept us very engaged and involved so it went by super fast.

Here some of the topics that were covered:

– Stages of Labor
– When to go to the hospital
– Relaxation Techniques
– Breathing exercises
– Interactive exercises to apply some of the techniques we learned
– Various positions for laboring

Overall, the class really provided us with reassurance and confidence to attempt a natural, non-medicated delivery.  This class was especially motivating since most people I have talked to think I’m crazy for not considering an epidural or any other narcotics. I’m not saying I’m not open to them. But my current plan is to go in natural and un-medicated…if the going gets tough, I always have the option to get any medication I may want.

I really enjoyed being able to work as a team before the big day on pain prevention and relaxation techniques. I enjoyed having hubby by my side and I’m looking forward to him guiding and mentoring me through the whole birthing process. He will be a key role in keeping me calm, sane and comfortable…he will be my drug(s)!

Key Take Aways:

  • 5/1/1 – When contractions are 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long, for 1 hour, it’s time to go to the hospital
  • Our body’s were made for natural deliveries, medication is new intervention
  • Natural/Unmedicated deliveries allow you to stay mobile through the whole laboring and delivery (pushing) process. Once you get an epidural you must remain in the bed as feeling is gone from legs
  • After 37 weeks, start focusing on doing things to help release oxytocin. This hormone will get you on a natural high, relax you and help in naturally inducing labor
  • Let gravity help push baby along…leaning forward, standing, squatting. Avoid lying down
  • Between each contraction drink water
  • Every hour switch positions and relaxation techniques. In other words, try to stick to one position for about an hour.
  • Take a bathroom break every hour while laboring
  • Let your partner model breathing techniques and remind you of the various positions you can be in to get comfortable
  • Once the water breaks, call L&D to figure out next steps
This was our last class for this pregnancy and so far we have enjoyed all the classes we have taken thus far.  I’m sure once Baby is here a lot of the key points we learned from each of these classes may stick and come in handy. But with all the chaos, I’m sure a lot of it will be about going with our instinct and intuition rather than playing everything by a book or Dr. Google. In any case, I’m really glad we had the chance to attend all these because I definitely feel like we are that much more prepared and have a few more things in our back pocket as resources.
Hubby and I have been counting down the number of weekends we have left to sleep in…only 4 more to go!!!


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