33 week summary

Long over due…

How far along? 33 weeks & 1 day
Size of Baby: Size of a Pineapple ~17 inches from head to heel, 4 lbs!!!Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 20 lbs, tummy is HUGE.

Maternity Clothes: I’ve invested in a few pairs of maternity pants for work and I have some comfie lounge pants for the weekends. A few friends have also passed along maternity clothes which have come in VERY handy!

Gender: Still a surprise! But so excited to find out now!

Belly Button In/Out: Beyond an outtie! Feels like someone took my belly and flipped it inside out. It’s a very obvious button that sticks up on my belly. And it’s SUPER soft.
Stretch Marks: Can’t see any major ones. But I’ve seem some streaks here. Still applying Neutrogena’s Body Oil daily to help with the itching and overall moisturizing.

Wedding Ring: My wedding ring is not also getting really tight and hard to wear and remove. I may have to stop wearing it really soon! My hands feel SO bare without any of my rings!
Labor Signs: Nothing yet…thank goodness!Movement: Baby moves like crazy! I’ve been keeping my kick counts. And majority of the time I get my 10 kicks within 7 minutes or so. The best is when the baby moves or feels like it’s doing a summersault, I think I feel the motion sickness! But I will surely miss these amazing movements once Baby is here. It’s such a special feeling.

Sleep: Sleeping has been a tough! Luckily, my brother surprised me and got me one of those pregnancy pillows. It’s been a lifesaver. We were able to retire the 5+ pillows I had been sleeping with. Turning is hard…staying on my side is hard and getting comfortable is nearly impossible.

Cravings/Aversions: Still nothing major. I will have a desire for random foods once someone mentions them.  There have been a few times where someone mentions food and then I either end up making it or we go out for it. So most of my “cravings” are fed off of what others are eating, suggesting or talking about.



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