20 week summary

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these progress checks…so here it is…
How far along? 20 weeks & 6 daysSize of Baby: How far along? 13 weeks
Size of Baby: Length of a Banana ~10 inches from head to heel, 10.5 ozTotal Weight Gain/Loss: About 5-6 lbs, tummy is definitely showing..I’m at 111lbsMaternity Clothes: Still wearing the Belly Band with jeans. And a lot preggo tops since other tops are too tight and short on me now. Leggings and dresses or long tops are also super comfie.

Gender: We could’ve found out at our 20 week anatomy scan but we had decided not to. So it’ll be a surprise!

Belly Button In/Out: Innie is becoming an outtie! SO WEIRD!

Stretch Marks: Still can’t see anything, crossing my fingers that they don’t appear. I’ve been applying Neutrogena’s Body Oil daily to help with the itching and overall moisturizing.

Wedding Ring: I’m down to only wearing my wedding band. Had to stop wearing my engagement ring a few weeks ago and took off my two other rings which I always wear last week since they were becoming really really tight!
Labor Signs: Nothing…let’s keep it that way till October!Movement: Lots and lots of movement! I love it. As of about 1.5 weeks I’ve been feeling very very distinct movement, it’s really exciting. Feels like pulsing.Sleep: Sleeping has been a challenge. I went from having two pillows to elevate my throbbing legs, to three pillows – one more to put between my legs to alleviate back pain, to four pillows – one more added to support my back and balance the pressure, to the current state FIVE pillows – one additional pillow added to support my back pillow. It’s basically a pillow fort in our bed. But all the pillows really help in sleeping comfortably!

Cravings/Aversions: No major major cravings. I have my random days where I just want to eat salty or sweet things. Aversions have gotten a lot better than my first trimester. But there are some things I just don’t feel like eating it just really depends on that day. My recent comfort foods have been: Khichdi (Cooked Rice/Lentils) & Kadhi (Yogurt & Besan flour based soup), Indian style Corn on the Cob (Makaii), Ice Cream.

Symptoms: My stomach aches have gotten a lot better but my legs have been a nightmare. They always start aching in the evenings. It’s so painful that it’s hard to sit still. Hubby has been such a sport about pressing my feet to help alleviate the pain. I don’t know what I’d do without him! Between pressing my feet and tucking me in to all the pillows, he’s been my lifesaver!

Feeling: Overwhelmed at the amount of things going on…and how much we need to square away before baby arrives. Excited to meet our baby boy or girl! So so so grateful at the healthy progress of baby’s growth.

Best Moment this Week: Our 20 week anatomy scan!!! OMG seeing the little feet, and the calves, thighs, ears, face…ahh it was just so heart warming! Even watching the baby move from being on it’s back, to it’s side to its stomach was just so adorable! I’m so eager to meet this little one! We also really really enjoyed going to Buy Buy Baby a few weeks ago (Memorial Day weekend) and spending half a day looking at carseats and strollers. We also registered there and looked at a whole bunch of other baby stuff. Whether we use this registry or not…it was just a fun and special experience.

What I Miss: Still miss my daily cup of tea…but I’ve cut myself some slack and have it on the weekend! I miss fitting into all my clothes too and shopping for clothes without having to worry about whether it’s worth getting them given I don’t know how long they’ll fit me.

What I am Looking Forward To: As of last week I was so eager to see Baby at the anatomy scan! But now I’m looking forward to having our parents finalize our Babyshower details. I’m also looking forward to starting to setting up the Baby’s room…hopefully staying minimalistic but it will still be fun. We also have a few more baby prep classes to attend which will be a great preview into what to expect. And of course, we’re counting the days till we get to meet the little one.

Milestones: 1/2 way there! So hard to believe

Next Appointment: June 24th!

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