2 weeks of Life…

Samay is two weeks old today and I just can’t believe it.
Feels like we just came home from the hospital. Even more so…it feels like we were just at the hospital.
He has developed so much in the last two weeks…it’s mind blowing.
His face has grown up. He stretches his body a lot more than when he first came out of the womb. The last few days he has started smiling a lot more. And today he’s been coo’ing and making cute baby sounds. He does this cute giggle in his sleep too. It’s soooo precious! It’s like a little Man laugh but while He’s asleep. I haven’t been able to catch it on camera but it just melts my heart.
We’ve been doing well learning his patterns and his cues. He’s been really good and predictable on the most part which has been great. His schedule does change almost daily but at least we know what he’s crying about or what he needs.
He sleeps a lot right now. And the rest of his schedule is eating and diaper changes. He has about an hour in the day where he’s awake and is either just ofserving his surroundings or playing with the family.
Hubby and I have been doing well overall. It’s been wonderful having him at home. I’m not ready for him to return to work tomorrow. It’s going to be tough emotionally and in terms of support. My mom is here and she has been amazing but there is just something about having your spouse there. He has also figured out Samay’s needs as well as mine. He has been so good at taking care of me while I’ve been recovering and even during the tail end of the pregnancy. He keeps track of when I need to take meds, offers me sips of water every so often, adjusts my pillows to make sure I’m comfortable, presses my feet/back and the list goes on. With Samay he’s Tomorrow will be tough without him around.
Newborn clothes are a bit baggy and 0-3 month clothes are huge! But Mummies arms fit just right.

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