Happy 2 Months Baby S

Age: 2 month
Height at last check up: 21 inches
Weight at last check up: 8 lbs 13 oz.
New developments:
– I laugh a few times continuously when something is funny. Either when mummie makes funny sounds or when Daddie tickles me.
– I recognize Mummie and daddie. When I see them I smile
– When Mummie says, “dikku” to me…i can’t help but flash a smile
– I have a gummy smile, it’s big
– I LOVE putting my hands in my mouth. Mummie and Daddie have to remind me to take my hands out of my mouth, what else do you do when you’re just chillin?
– I suck on my thumb. Mummie keeps telling me to not do it but I know she thinks I look really cute.
– I am doing better with tummy time on the floor now. I don’t just stick my face on the ground. I can actually hold my head up!
– I still like squirming my way out of my swaddle
– I smile when Mummie does prarthna with me
– I make so many different types of sounds…Mummie Daddie tease me with “unga unga”…
– I spit up a lot more now…both my meals and just plain old saliva. This sometimes results in multiple wardrobe changes.
– I’m a chubster…my tummy, cheeks and thighs are so round now :).
Somethings I don’t do anymore: 
I don’t fit into many of my newborn clothes! Mummie and Daddie were really sad when my Lobster “take home” outfit didn’t fit me anymore.
Current routine:
I’m following mainly an Eat, Play, Sleep routine. Mummie started this routine after we came home at about 5 weeks. I’m awake for about 1 to 1.5 hour stretches. And then I take a nap for about 20-45 minutes. I take one long nap usually in the afternoon for about 2 hours. At night I sleep for at most 3-4 hours without waking up. But then I get hungry. I’m up at about 6AM and that’s when my routine pretty much begins. Daddie still covers the morning duties of changing me, burping me. Then Mummie takes over at about 7/8ish.
What do I eat:  We’ve been having a lot of various foods lately. Both Grandma’s have been sending gujarati food. Mummie’s been making muthia and upma a lot. Daddie makes quesadillas and burritos often. Breakfast is usually chaa and thepla/debhra/puri.
Clothes size:  It’s almost time to retire all my newborn clothes :(. Mummie has to rely more on the 0-3 month clothes.
Diaper size: Cloth diapers are working out now since I’ve gained some chub! As of about 5.5 to 6 weeks I’ve been cloth diapered during the day. It’s been great because it’s so much softer on my skin and I get no rashes! I mainly wear the pre-folds with covers. On the weekends and nights, I still wear Pampers Swaddlers NB size. But these are starting to get tight on me too! Mummie and Daddie ordered way to many NB sizes though, so they’re trying to use those up. But it’s time for me to go up a size since I’ve had a handful of leaks and explosions. I also get lines on my thighs because they feel a little tight.
Mummie & Daddie are looking forward to: 
Mummie says: Being home with you has been so much fun! As each day goes by I look forward to all the new things you do. I love waking up in the morning to your smiley face. A few weeks ago I was looking forward to introducing you to our family friends and also taking you out into the real world. We finally took you out when you hit your 2 months of life. It’s been amazing having you meet our friends and family and also taking you out to the places we normally go. I’m now nervous and excited to take you to your first social event. I’m not sure how I’ll handle you being passed around from person to person. That too outside of the comfort of our limited germy home! So many more firsts to look forward to 🙂
Memorable moment:
Taking Baby S out for the first time after coming home was so exciting. We took him to the temple on 12/25 and then swung by Ba & Dada’s house. They weren’t home but we got some quality time with Roshan mama. It was fun! The next place we went was to the mall. This was on Baby S’s 2 month birthday! It was a VERY overwhelming experience which I’ll talk about more later. That night Baby S had his very first visitors! Our near and dear friends, Jignya & Tarun came to see him for the very first time. Baby S also met his very first kid friend, Srushti. It was such a precious moment to see him interact with another kid. I was so excited to have him meet one of my closest friends! Then that weekend Baby S met a few of his Masi’s and cousins. Introducing Baby S to my cousins who I have grown up with was so exciting. He meet Diptimasi & Sachin Masa, Sheetalmasi, Sheena and Shivalee Masi-Behna’s. It was a busy day full of visitors but Baby S did really well. He interacted with everyone and squeezed in a few naps too. I was so glad he was calm and enjoyed the experience as much as we did!
Daddie says: 
I’m looking forward to bringing you home! A place where you’ll build lifelong memories and to your room where you’ll be escaping to when you’re “studying”!

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