11 weeks – Ultrasound #3

The wait from week 9 to week 11 felt sooo long! All I kept wondering is…I wonder if baby is doing okay and of course he/she was!

This ultrasound appointment was a bit overwhelming as the doctor spent a lot of time going over what felt like a gazillion tests we need to consider within a the next few weeks. And the risks that come with many of the tests. In addition to understanding the tests, we also had to make a fairly quick decision about which tests we wanted to go with as they are time sensitive.

When we finally got to doing the ultrasound, I was just happy so see baby. He/She was super jumpy and wiggly. It almost looked like he/she was doing a full body wave with it’s body. It was so cute. He/She continued being the lil’ dancer we saw a few weeks ago. We actually got it captured on our own camera too! The heart beat and growth was perfect.

I was just getting anxious about all the testing related decisions we had to make. We knew right off the bat that we did not want to do anything invasive ie: the CVS test which required a sample of the amniotic fluid to be pulled out. We were leaning towards the NT test which included two blood tests and an ultra sound which had to be done between 12 weeks – 13 weeks and 6 days.

Baby stats for week 11:
Baby is the size of a: Fig
Length: 1.5 inches
Developments: baby is almost fully formed. baby’s hands will soon open & close into tiny fists!

Mommy stats:
– always sleepy and needing to nap at odd hours during the day
– hungry every few hours
– very fatigue & tired
– trouble finding clothes that fit

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